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To create powerful, robust and exhilarating off-road eMTBs specifically designed for the toughest of terrains and for the keenest of riders!

ABOUT Wyldbuck

Here at WYLDBUCK® we are passionate about biking. We are all about the joy that cycling brings; whether it’s hitting that sweet spot on a berm, earning that perfect connection on a landing or ‘finding the flow’ on a gnarly trail.

We think biking should be fun. It’s about the exhilaration but should suit you and be affordable. We have teamed-up with a leading frame manufacturer and innovative component partners to bring to you the best in off-road e-biking technology at an accessible price. Most off-the-shelf bikes offer only the most basic components. We have worked to ensure that every component of our bikes is of high quality.

We offer you versatility, strength and the ability to customise your bike to suit you. With the right bike, nothing can beat the exhilaration that comes with being out on the trails.

Our Story

The concept Wyldbuck eMTB was born after hours of riding the rugged, demanding terrain of Yorkshire.

It was a simple idea: we wanted more!

We wanted more joy and excitement riding these trails.

We wanted a faster, more powerful and more resourceful machine.

We wanted to make tougher climbs and have an increased range of travel.

We wanted a light-weight carbon frame and an e-bike built with the highest quality components.

And we wanted a bike that did all this – yet didn’t break the bank.

We thought that if we wanted such a bike – you would want one too.

So – we built one!